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I have the videos in my inbox, finally. Every December the same...

When the WR sent us the survey some months ago to ask how things were going, how they could improve it, etc., one thing I told them was that they should inform people if there is an issue with deliveries, if the monthly videos/pictures are being delayed, etc. Because I believe that we all understand that there can be issues and we can be patient, but if we are properly informed. It seems I filled in the survey for nothing...
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Thanks for the December Installment!
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It's available now.  I just downloaded my copy. They usually post on the 16th of the month, so this one is only 4 days late. Not bad for the holiday season IMO. 
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RJohns81 wrote:
It's available now.  I just downloaded my copy. They usually post on the 16th of the month, so this one is only 4 days late. Not bad for the holiday season IMO. 

I quite agree with you, and think we honestly should accept such a short delay in a month like December without complaining. Especially when keeping in mind there is a film for them to get together and publish as well. It must be kind of frustrating for Angus and the others, when trying to expand the brand with both more content, and a more regular communication with customers, so much of that communication is being used to complain about things which either are random coincidences, or a result of unforeseen circumstances. They used to make a few videos, of roughly an hour length. Now they are doing 12 15-20 mins ones, only a month apart - in addition to the Holiday film, plus the monthly magazines, the ditto photo subscriptions and all the other merchandises customers buy. Add to this fundraising as part of the crowdfunding, shipping of products, handling complaints, preparations for the next round of shootings, and I imagine life must be pretty hectic for all involved.

This started off as an amateur project of a partly charitable nature (main focus was to raise money for their rowing club), developed into a charity, and now is trying to find the best way to feet itself in the future. 

It is not fair to compare them to fully professional organisations or businesses with professionals working in every branch from production to customer service, and where things like exams, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties and more is exclusively arranged out of office hours. These students do their work when they have the time and extra energy to do so. The fact they have been hard to reach for those who have had complaints, suggest they probably are too busy with the day to day running of ROAR to find the time. 

When it comes to film and editing, you have two choices - you can either have an edit ready within a certain time - or you can have a higher quality edit available, if allowing a little more time. Case in point Take That when they first broke through. Despite having been the ones to watch since 1991, it wasn`t until they knocked Gabrielle off the number 1 spot in summer 1993 they had their first number one hit with Pray. Both East 17, with House of Love, and Boyzone, Love me for a reason, had managed to grab solid pieces of the market Take That should have had all to themselves, after the collapse of support for New Kids on The Block, or NKTOB as they were also known as. But because some of their earlier videos were not that good - Once you`ve tasted love, I found heaven and A million love songs, especially, they were not picked up by enough tv stations, and played often enough, to build their fanbase. As a result, both a Dutch boyband act, Caught in the Act, stole even more of the market that should have been theirs after NKTOB was considered all news.

As a result it wasn`t until more than a decade later Take That became what they could have been from the start, with just a little more patience and skill when making videos. But they were too late in realizing the importance of not only having videos to every single, but having videos people enjoyed watching, and which tv stations therefore played - and as a result got a little stiffer competition than what they otherwise would have had. 

In fairness sake, Christmas 1992 they probably missed out on the number one spot in the UK simply because of one song and one film - Whitney Houston singing Dolly Parton`s I will always love you, from the movie The Bodyguard. Take That was second with Could it be magic. Which also had quite a good (well lit, shot and edited), yet simple (dancing around some classic cars), video.

Maybe something to have in mind, for those complaining the new monthly format isn`t up to the same excellent standards as the movies of previous years? If we want better quality, give them time enough to achieve it. To what extent it is possible to provide the same in an hour long film as a 20 mins clip, that is. If we insist on having the clips published at the same date every month, than be aware that can effect the quality of the clips. 
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It's finally arrived, thank you. 
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