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I've been a supporter since 2013 and appreciate all the work that the group has done to promote inclusivity, embrace diversity and encourage participation for all people in sports.  The recent winter Olympics demonstrated just how far we've come in all those areas.

I understand the relationship between Warwick Rowers, Warwick Rowers Charitable Trust and Sport Allies.  I'm interested in how my Warwick Rowers product purchases are contributing financially to Sport Allies.  I reviewed the Sport Allies 2017 Annual Report and see that approximately 51,000£ were received in donations.  It's not clear whether this is the 20% of profits from Warwick Rower products or other donations.

As a contributor and supporter of Sport Alllies [through Warwick Rowers] it would be nice to see the extent that my purchases are helping the organisation.  I think the financial contributions could be more of an important selling point for the the Warwick Rowers products.

In other words... I think I'm getting tremendous value from the Warwick Rowers products but it would also be nice to know the extent that I'm helping the cause.

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I'm happy to clarify this!  

The first thing to say is that Warwick Rowers is now a non-profit organisation, so we don't make any profits at all.  People either work on the project as volunteers or for equitable non-profit level rates, and that includes me.  All surpluses go to good causes and to sustaining the growth of the project.

Although the project began purely as a fundraiser for a university boat club, our funding priorities are now:  (1) Sport Allies and (2) supporting the evolution and growth of the Warwick Rowers project as a platform for straight allies to demonstrate their support for LGBT rights and gender equality in an entertaining and impactful way.  

After ensuring that we have enough money to fund the continuation of the project, any surplus at the end of each year is used to support Sport Allies with cash donations or will be put into the Warwick Rowers Charitable Trust for other charitable causes.  
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Thanks Angus!

You and the project have done a great job.  I was happy to support a university rowing club brave enough to pose for a nude calendar but you've taken that much further and deserve a lot of credit.  It's clear that you're much more than just the man behind the lens.

I hope 2018 [your 10th anniversary] is wildly successful.
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