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Lately I found that some users have been banned, like "rp".

He/she posted a message asking two questions about the WR20 products and I have found out that his/her post has been deleted and his/her user banned. And I wonder why. As far as I remember he/she wasn't disrespectful in that post.
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Angus WR
Hi, Muleki

 We make clear in the forum rules that we expect users to be constructive and respectful.  We will not comment on individual cases, but my best recollection is that only two users have been banned in the history of this forum.

Our project relies on volunteer athletes, who are not professional models, stepping outside their comfort zones to be allies to the LGBT community.  Users who consistently use a negative tone towards the project and its participants, whether in one post or consistently over time, will lose their posting privileges and their previous messages will be removed. 

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Angus is absolutely right. These are good allies of the LGBTQ community and should be treated as such. Negative comments have no place in this forum. Keep up the good work!

Frederick E. Knauss
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Yes good decision, and maybe many of them never take a warwicks products.
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There is a difference between being disrespectful, and to question, or criticise. Critique is essential to keep informed about one`s customer base, in order to target both products and marketing to it`s optimum. If customers feel they cannot be honest, out of fear of being excluded, the point of having a Forum seize to exist. You just as might could have written all the comments and questions yourself, cause the feedback people will deliver is not the actual truth of their opinion and feelings, but what they feel you want to hear. 

Such information is worthless! I have a board of 12 in my company, 4 of them almost never agrees with me - those are the ones I listen to the most. Cause if I can counter their claims, I know my strategy is likely to succeed. 

If I can`t, we will have to think again - or opt for their strategy instead. 
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