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Having the clear impression, from reading many comments, that most of the subscribers wants high resolution digital photos, rather than a magazine, I have asked myself if it is worth the extra effort and time to create a magazine which hardly anyone of the subscribers wants?

But since many of the boys taking part feel their motivation for taking part should be featured better, why not upload the magazine somewhere everyone can access it, and sell advertising space instead? So instead of subscribers subscribing to something they are not happy with, the magazine could be used to spread the message behind the project even further. 

Those who already subscribe to the project already know what the project is for. While those who don`t know are unlikely to learn about the project at all, unless there is some sort of content somewhere which could introduce them to it. 

Free distribution of the magazine could both have provided advertising revenue from sponsors, as well as more customers to the WR products, having had their curiosity wet by what they saw in the free magazine. At the same time as the magazine informed new viewers of why the boys were taking part, and what was the purpose of the project.
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