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Is it just me or does Manifesto have the best story to date? I seriously loved watching the progression in photography and how gorgeous the reveal of the penis was as the years went by. Such powerful messages throughout alongside these beautiful, vulnerable images. Can't celebrate this book, the contents and the cause enough!

Love love love. 😇😍

Also, obviously it's great to look at full-frontal nudity from the rowers and athletes.. but it's way more than that! The book gives a centerpiece to all sorts of conversations when people visit my house for dinner parties. Stunning guys, stunning social impact. 

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Agreed! Also love to show it to people and have great conversations about the topic and see what other people thing.
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I was very disappointed for the first time in this years book. There were I think just two new models in it that went fully naked. Naked on the Instagram shots of so many new participants I naturally expected there to be those same men or at least more than two in the new book. This years book just seems like a collection of outtakes from previous years. I wish I hadn’t bought it and used my money on the digital magazine as that now seems (based on the covers) to have new guys fully naked. I do wish the description had been more explicit on the lack of new faces within this years book.
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Angus WR
Thank you to everyone for your comments on the books.  

I'm proud of all the WR books for different reasons.  The first book was where we took a leap - it literally wasn't planned. We had been including some frontal nudity in still images outside the calendar in our bonus packs, so I shot a few unimplied set ups.  It wasn't until after the WR16 shoots that I realised we had a huge number of great images that could never go in the calendar but deserved to be seen in print.  

The second book, Freedom, was another breakthrough; this time, we went into the shoots knowing that we would create another book.  It gave me an incredible sense of artistic freedom and liberated the guys to explore and understand the depth of their commitment and authenticity as allies.

Our third book, WR, was about incredible settings, and about the relationship between humankind and the environment - we were looking at how we can create incredible environments when we work in partnership with nature.  WR puts put our ability to achieve healthier masculinity and a healthier society as allies alongside everyone's potential - and obligation - to be allies of the planet.

The fourth book, X, was a celebration of how far we had come in ten years.  It marked our recognition that we had got to a place where we could embrace the nudity in our project from a variety of perspectives, including an acknowledgement of its eroticism.

I started out as a writer before I became a photographer, so maybe that is why I am particularly proud of this year's book, Manifesto, because it tells such a clear story and sets out principles for the Worldwide Roar that we have established through ten years of the project.  On the visual side, Abbie, our Artistic Director, did an incredible job of curating and producing an incredible collection of images, few of which (around five?) have ever been seen before; we had been holding back our paint images to create just such a collection.  

I conceived this book quite literally as a manifesto that would explain to the wider world what our project is about and, most importantly, encourage new participants to join the project; it enables clubs, sports organisations and individual athletes to get a clearer sense of why this project exists, and why it matters; that is crucial to our future growth as a global campaign.
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