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Reward Points are listed but not explained on My Account.  A search finds nothing and searching the topic on the Forum brings up nothing.  What are Reward Points?
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Hmmm.  I will have to look into this!  It may be a feature of the platform that we have not implemented - at least not yet....
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I found something called a wish list thingy, and something to do with bonuses I have no idea about what could be - is that somehow related to the reward points asked about in this thread/post?

As amusing as the video where Alex and Sebastian explained how to operate a normal paper calendar, sarcastically even including instructions of how it had to be turned halfway through the year, maybe you would gain more customers with an equally detailed video explaining both how to sign on to the site, and how to order products from it? Especially the zip files for the photos, despite being easy to unpack, proved a challenge to sometimes both get into the right format to appear as photos, and localize where they were on my computer, so they could be transported to their destination file. 

It also would have been an advantage for someone like me, wondering whether or not to purchase previous videos, if instead of just a picture, a trailer for each of the videos on offer had been possible to view on the site - or at least for us members to be able to download - (since I assume Youtube and other major sites would not allow content necessary to fairly describe the videos in question to be posted with them?). Or maybe each of the videos could be given a post on this forum, where both who were in them, which locations they included, what the themes of the motives were and more (maybe even the trailers?) could be more fully described? Better informing, and teasing our curiosity (making it more likely for us to buy), about what we would find in, say the US video, as an example, should we decide we wanted it. 

Also the color of both text and background on both this forum as well as the main site, and the size of both text and boxes, makes it difficult for me to see where you are supposed to enter e-mail details and more. And when registering for this forum, it took me a few bum clicks on the terms, before I spotted the tiny tiny box I had to click to confirm I had read and accepted the terms (I wrongly assumed I was supposed to confirm somewhere at the end of the terms and conditions page).

It might just be me, or maybe there are others who also have to enlarge this page to be able to read it? But I find the combination of this grey text on this white background not to make it easy for my eyes at all. Whether the problem is the white background being to shiny, or whether it is the text which are too pale or tiny, is difficult to determine. But easy for my eyes neither this forum, nor the WR site itself, can be described to be. So maybe you should advice new members to enlarge the page before signing in, so they more easily can spot the boxes where they are meant to type and/or click? Or if possible, make the boxes bigger, and text to better contrast the background.
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