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I'm very pissed as I ordered a double date signed Calendar 2019 that was supposed to be shipped on december 11th 2018.

I still haven't received anything yet and the identical problem happened to years ago with my first order.

All the tickets I've written so far telling me the problem was solved.

It isn't. I'd really like to talk to someone on the phone by now.
I filled another ticket today wishing for a better answer.
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I am experiencing something very similar and i too am tired of it. A couple people have written "we'll help you" and NOTHING HAPPENS. I still have no calendar after 5 or 6 emails and 4 forum posts. And yes an email that said "looks like your issue was resolved." I just want to know WHEN WILL I GET THE CALENDAR I PAID FOR??? I feel like I'm complaining to the void. How long will this go on?
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Hi, Stephane and Jon

I'm very sorry to hear that you have not had responses to your emails.  That is very frustrating for me personally and for all of us who have worked incredibly hard to create the content that you have in turn paid good money for.  

We are currently investigating why we have experienced a higher number of problems than usual this year, and a team of people are looking into this.  

We have just become aware of a number of orders that were not dispatched by our fulfilment company, and they have accepted that this was their mistake.  There does also seem to be a problem, highlighted here by Jarod, of lack of contact information with some shipments, and this is something we are also looking into.

If you want to message me with your order number, I will look into your specific order further.

Thank you for your patience. 
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