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Hello everybody.
Just my oppinion. I think there should be more men of colour in the calendars of Warwick Rowers. I am Asian men, so I'm very happy if I see any Asian men in the calendar/
What do you think about it?
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more european rowers, like german, swiss, scandinavian, french, austrian, italian…..
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That might be in the foreseeable future since Sport Allies is branching out. However, it may be a gradual thing that might not happen this year. They need volunteers. Wallacehn, are you volunteering?
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Less of them because they might not sell.
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Leoric wrote:
Less of them because they might not sell.

yes not for racism but is thrue.
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I'm a nudist and several years ago I ran a social group for gay nudist men. We would get together at my home once a month and socialise in the nude. It was a strictly social group and sexual activity was not permitted at the get-togethers. Predatory behaviour was also swiftly dealt with. Although the membership was carefully vetted by me (there were a number of older men who assumed they would have unfettered access to younger men), anyone was welcome to attend who shared the group's values. Although there was some interest from 'men of colour' the group was predominantly made up of Caucasian men of a western European background. Some Asian men contacted me and it was clear that they expected there to be sexual activity at the get-togethers. They did not understand why people would want to socialise in the nude.
So please don't assume that the absence of 'men of colour' from WR products is due to racism on the part of Angus and the team or the customer base. It may be due to men of a certain cultural background not wishing to appear nude. Angus and the team can't very well just round up a few and force them to strip just to have a better racial balance.
While wallacehn would be very happy to see more naked Asian men, perhaps he could confirm that he would be willing to appear totally naked in the calendar and films himself. 
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I think folks have lost sight of a few things.
- This project started at a rowing club in the UK. The UK is not a super diverse country with 87% percent of people identifying as White according to Wikipedia. I would imagine the school is similar and the rowing club a little less diverse. That's not because they were exclusionary but what folks were interested in for a school activity. 
- Different cultures view nudity differently. Not everyone is open to getting naked for the world to see. 
- Now as the project has evolved it will take time. 

There are no signs that Angus is picking and choosing models based race or what will sell. That would go against the whole idea. They take volunteers. 
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Angus WR
Hello, Everyone.  I just wanted to jump in and thank everyone for raising the issue of diversity in the WR project.  Johnny is right that we originated in one sport at one university in England, and most of the men who participated in the sport were white (and straight). 

Moving forwards, we definitely want to be more diverse and inclusive in every way.  We have already started to do that with our cover shoot in London - the most diverse shoot we've ever done, in terms of ethnicity, age, sexuality, fitness and birth gender.  I'm excited to pursue that in as many ways as possible.

Looking back at our history, I think we were exploring a valid point by asking the most privileged members of patriarchal culture (white, male, heterosexual, affluent, educated) to confront and recognise their privilege, and Tristan makes this point in our Sport Allies film.  

But as the Worldwide Roar, and as an exploration of healthier masculinity, we have a bigger point to make, and it's about bringing men together and breaking down the barriers they put between each other and between themselves and the world.  That's why diversity is at the heart of our future work as a project.

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well if you want see beautiful naked blacks, arabs, turkish, italian, mixed…. you go in this web site this is a photographyc website, they have some videos too.

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