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Angus WR
Hi, All

Welcome to WR20!  I know it has got off to a bumpy start with fulfilment for some people, and I want to apologise personally for that.  We are working around the clock to resolve any outstanding issues and we will be compensating anyone who did not get their calendars or books within a reasonable delivery time.

We have already created more content for 2020 than for most of our previous years, and we are in the process of creating a whole lot more, some of it at a level beyond anything we have attempted previously.

As the Warwick Rowers, we were limited to shooting men from one club in one sport.  Now, as the Worldwide Roar, we have been empowered to include sportsmen from a range of sports, countries, sexualities, ethnicities, age groups and birth genders.  We are already using that opportunity to create incredible content.

I think it's probably fair to say that we may not please everyone with everything, but we will continue to build on a message of inclusion that began with straight sportsmen offering their naked bodies to LGBT men as proof of their commitment to making sport a safe space for men who had previously felt excluded.  We will also continue to listen to our supporters, and we are grateful to the thousands of you who took the time to complete our first ever comprehensive survey - some of you will find your comments in our new calendar!

For those of you who have already had a chance to watch our WR20 Christmas film, you might have noticed that it is different from the WR19 Christmas film.  Last year's film offered previews from the content that we have then been serving over the course of 2019, and for WR20 and the move to the Worldwide Roar, we decided to do something different, not least because we are still creating new content all the time! 

Our WR20 Christmas film is an introduction to the Worldwide Roar, through the purple paint and fabric shoots that we have been doing since we set up Sport Allies, the charity that receives our profits. This film, like our very popular Director's Cut product, revisits shoots from previous years in a fresh way.  It includes brand new content from WR20, but our focus has been to echo our new WR20 book, Manifesto, by reflecting on our evolution over five years that saw us establish Sport Allies and  become the Worldwide Roar. 

The move to becoming the Worldwide Roar has been an important transition for us, and has already led to our biggest ever shoot, which took place in late September in London.  To see full-time Olympic-level athletes standing naked alongside straight, gay bi and trans men felt like a personal triumph for me and a major milestone for our project.

I would also like to add that we are all very proud of our latest book, Manifesto.  We have combined text with new, previously unreleased and rarely seen images to tell a story that makes sense of every previous book and sets the stage for the Worldwide Roar.  It is not only something new for us, it is literally a manifesto - we can show this book with pride to sports governing bodies, to sports clubs, to athletes, to anyone with any interest in making sport a leader in promoting inclusion.  It offers the best explanation possible for why we do what we do.  It is a key part of our future and I believe its strength comes from recognising and celebrating our past.  We will be building on the book with lots of new content over the twelve issues of Roar coming your way this year, with considerably more image content than we can put in one book.

We have not always got everything right over the last ten years, and we know that better than anyone.  We are a small team trying to communicate with thousands of supporters on a number of platforms with an ever-growing range of products.  We do this because we care about our mission and because we want to bring you great content, but we know, for example, that we have still got problems with the physical fulfilment process.   We are working with our partners on all of these issues while also trying to maintain focus on our core mission to make male nudity a route to LGBT inclusion, gender equality and better mental health.

Whatever problems we may have to overcome, I can tell you after five years of working with Sport Allies and other, similar organisations, that our work is a long way off being done.  Populism, racism, homophobia, male suicide rates, the oppressive perfection filter of social media, the violent sexual abuse of pornography.  These are among the issues that make it more important now than ever that the world sees men standing naked together in peaceful, loving support for better ways of being men. 

We can only move upwards by moving forwards, and we believe that we will prove to you over the coming months that the Worldwide Roar is something everyone who has invested in the project - in front of the camera, behind the camera and as supporters - can be proud of.
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