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Awesome job on the WR19 Preview film. I can't wait for the next twelve instalments. Just some of my own thoughts brought forth by other postings. 

I have been supporting Warwick Rowers for several years. What first brought me to their site was an article I had read about them, in addition to raising funds for their boat club, was their support for the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. Back in those days everything was pixelated or implied nudity but it wasn't just the nudity, the prime motivator for me was the social cause the rowers were supporting. They were helping to bring to the forefront an important topic - bullying. I think it was the following year that Sport Allies was founded. I still support Warwick Rowers now for the same reason I first supported them -  the social causes and awareness they support.

I appreciate the quality of the work that goes into these products and I think that the models learn some good life skills with these shoots. They seem to take interest in the shots and understand the aspects of achieving a great picture. I enjoy the images and the films not in a sexual way but in an appreciation of the male body. These guys have inspired myself to become more physically active and look into the benefits of using rowing machines. At the end of the day, if all I was after was porn or fantasy fodder, I would have looked elsewhere for it.

The fact that these guys can pose nude and be naked is awesome as it shows you can be nude and not have it sexual. Unless you are brought up in an environment where nudity is par for the course, it takes a lot to get over embarrassment/shame/shyness/insecurities and recondition yourself to have it not be a big deal. It's always interesting to watch the films and see the first time the guys get undressed. You can pick out the novices from the seniors but it's also interesting to see, over the course of the shoots, the guys mature and relax with being themselves. You have to accept and love yourself for who you are before asking the same of others.

I do miss the comradery of the guys down around the boat house but I understand why that's not possible to do so at that particular boat house. However, I have enjoyed the shoots at various locations in England which seems to keep the products fresh. We even get a bit of history (not sure how accurate it is) about the various locations.

That's all the ramblings for now.

Angus: Two thumbs up on The Blue September project. That is an awesome video and touches on something that has to be touched on more...guys talking about their health especially testicular cancer. Seeing Chris was definitely a flashback to earlier films. I did recognize a couple of the other rowers but not by name.
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Thank you, Bonewiler, I really appreciate your response.  As one of the rowers, Amir, has mentioned elsewhere, the guys who take part in the calendar are as committed as ever. 

The last 2-3 years have been a drag on all of us but, as an anti bullying campaign, we have been determined to keep the project alive.  Clearly, our attempts have not pleased everyone, which makes it all the more meaningful to get the sort of encouragement that you and other supporters are giving us.  I think that we can all be happier away from the frankly toxic atmosphere of Warwick University. 

We believe that naked sportsmen have a contribution to make for all the reasons you mention.  And so we will go on!
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Hi, finnaly i have see the WR 2019 previews. and this is my reviews. Fantastic this year very beautiful location, my favourite  is Australia, for one reason the lights, the light of this country are very specially,  the rowers are look beautiful in Australia set yes we can see more beautiful set, In Uk location is all green Woods, river, meadows in Uk set have used to much brown skin spray, this is not a bodybuilders photoshooting, the body builders use this kind of make up. I prefere see the orwers with their natural skin very white like in England or like in the Italy set Tanned naturally from the sun. Italy set, very different from the Others set from the past, in boat, under the sea water and this two twins very tall, but a  question they are rowers? I think they are fighters or boxers.
Finnaly Spain set,  only three models but are the best models, athe the start of the film i have see very intersting images.
Things that are lacking: the boys dont talk anymore about homophobia, in the past the interviews of this are very intersting, with this make me open the eyes  for this problem, many people are homophobic, before to never say talk about homobo. I had not taken notice/care.
Things I liked the most: In Australia, in the orient train hotle the scenes in bed, and especially the scenes with robbie and Lukas what constrast of genre
Things I hated: the exageration of make up and spray brown skin.
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Hi, Pammy.  Thank you for your thoughts.

The twins do martial arts.  They are our first guest stars from outside the world of rowing.

And I have good news!  You will definitely hear the boys talk in the monthly updates: this was an extended preview to give supporters something at Christmas.  The monthly updates will have all the talking that you liked in your previous films!
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