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Hi WR team, 

Any news/updates on the director's cut videos for previous year videos? I believe this has been brought up several times by WR supporters but seems like there's no further updates from the WR team.

I would love to see more unpublished scenes for 2012-2017 shoots including full frontal scenes which weren't available in early year videos e.g. 2012/2013.

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Hi Alexandero. We are listening to you and the team is currently going through the archives and working on this. Stay safe!
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Thank you Sarah, it would be great if those archives are sold again since a lot of people have asked for it for very long time. 🙂
Director's cut shoots of 2017 calendar are already being sold in the 2018 subscription, however the unpublished scenes of the 2018 calendar aren´t up yet. 🙂
In the 2019 we got 12 installments, so probably there is no much new content to offer.
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