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Hello all,

I,m afraid this is my last year supporting WR. The supportprices are not affordable for me anymore hélas!
All the best,

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This is my last year too, but not for the same reason.  Too much makeup, too much professional naked models (sportsmen?) at ease to pose naked, too much photographers  and too much assistants on the sets.  Too much "glamor purpose" for me...  And I understand that they want to show an open-mindedness, but adding a transgender is not a plus for me. I miss the simplicity of a real team playing together and showing a real sport allies spirit. Sorry, it's just not for me anymore. I leave the boat, but I understand that others will be cheerful.  All the best.
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For both reasons stated above this was my last year too, sad as I've been a supporter from the start but too much has changed and it is very expensive now. Great project and credit to all the guys for the wonderful work they do, just not for me any more :-(
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Exactly the same. I've been a customer since 2012 and there have been many changes along these years that I have accepted in some degree (image and video suscription instead of having all the pictures and a full length video in Xmas, removal of the bonus video, participation of other sportmen and guest stars, etc.).

But what I really don't like, and that's what I stated in the survey they sent me, is that I don't see rowers or sportmen anymore. I just see models. There's lack of sport situations. There's lack of spontaneity in the shoots. Everything is super-perfect. And to be honest, this is the first time it happened to me, that I don't feel excited when I receive the new image package or video segment every month. I really hope they don't end up like Dieux du Stade which became super-boring after 2011.

So this year I finally made the hard decision of not purchasing any WR20 product. Quite hard, because I have everything until 2019 (calendars, images, videos, bonus images & videos, books, etc.). But I feel I will be more helpful for the evolution of this project if I don't buy anything right now. I wonder how they're doing in this year's crowdfunder in relation to previous years...
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Same to me. I really hate everything about WR19. I don't really look forward to seeing the new video at all. Fortunately I didn't subscribe to the images too. It's just become a model shot instead of student shot.

I won't buy WR20 stuffs. They aren't attractive to me anymore.
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i have made the subscrission the films of 2020 are just perfect, nobody care you have stopped to buy, made yourself a calendar, BUT VERY SUSOUCYS ALL JUNIOR MEMBERS, mhh maybe no one of them have shopping warwicks products...
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I feel sorry for Gerper, cause clearly he would have liked to continue being A WR/ROAR customer, but found the prices to stiff. That is an honest thing. Why the rest of you are so keen to inform why you are not purchasing, to me seems to be an effort to control the content somehow. But if you`re not going to buy the products, why should the project be adjusted to better correspond with your different preferences - you already said you are not going to by the products anyway, so would you even know if they would be to your liking when they are released in a few months time? Also with so much negative feedback as there have been in this forum, directed directly towards the models, is there any wonder that fewer students are willing to participate, than just a few years ago? The models/rowers/students have been criticized for anything from having too much body hair by some - too little by others, and in this thread have gotten flack for being too styled and glam. 

The models are volunteers who do this to support the cause, and some of them even because they have fun doing it. Isn`t it then a little bit unreasonable to meet them with demands of any kind? Shouldn`t they instead be thanked and praised for the time the have given to, and the courage they have shown taking part in, the project? Not be given a hard time for failing to live up to the individual expectations of specific customers.

The people who speak for the project these days seems to either be tech people, or Angus himself. The models themselves no longer seems to be participating in this forum. Could that be because some of the comments and posts have felt too personally invasive for them? 

Just a suggestion, but instead of criticizing the models for decisions they might not even have been part of, why not instead praise them for what we like about them - providing them good feedback? 

I am sure more students/rowers would be interested in taking part in the project, if they could look forward to praise and complements in this forum - and not just be told everything was better before.

And if more rowers/students would be willing to take part, the less need for the "model" types some customers seems to find so tough to stomach. Personally I liked Alex and Sebastian, but I also liked many other rowers/models - both for similar and different reasons, as I liked Alex and Sebastian. Each and every model had his strengths, and also some weaknesses. But what is regarded what, is a matter of personal taste, not objective criteria. Some found the likes of Alex and Sebastian too perfect, others (like me) admired them both for their charisma and energy in front of the camera, plus their well chosen words so excellently spoken, as well as their magnificent physique and blending smiles. 

But they were not alone, neither in having superb physiques in various ways, energy or great charisma. Felix ticked many of the same boxes - and as Angus said in one of the clips, has a great butt too. Just like Alfie and several others. Each and every one of the models/rowers/students have qualities which is unique for them, and make them stand out - favorable in the eyes of some, not so much in the eyes of others. But the latter speaks louder about the people who have reservations, than it does about the model in question. Some find the model-perfect Alex and Sebastian too smooth, and too photogenic. And prefer their models to both pose and appear more amateurish in front of the camera, and in photos and on film. Others think Alex and Sebastian with their body perfection, amazing charisma, well-spoken and warm personality to be as good as it gets.

Too reduce them to just "model" types, I feel to be a unfairly stigmatizing and stereotyping - also towards the models/student who are not seen as that type. Whether rowers/students or guest models I think they all should be allowed to be, and be respected as, themselves. They are not meant to represent only one type of personality or model, but to be themselves, both individually, and as part of a group. 
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I don't want to be negative and I don't want this to happen. But imagine for example if last year they had an income of $500,000 whereas this year they have an income of $250,000. That money is used for charity, for producing the products, but also for salaries. If I were the owner of the WR calendar I'd like to know why before it's too late. This year we received a survey, but it was too limited and guided to explain one's point of view. I think this forum is a good place to share different point of views.

And nobody's criticizing the participants of the calendar. I personally like Lucas and Amir so much. When we say that they look like models is not a critic against them. It is the fact that this is supposed to be a sport calendar, but the latest shoots don't reflect that. For instance, in the promotional pictures of this year's Crowdfunder we can see just one picture where they hold some oars but away from water. When you buy a farmer's calendar, you expect to see field, cows, tractors and that type of things, right? I think this is the key point. And I understand the problems that Angus had in the past when Warwick University didn't allow them to use their facilities, but there must be a way to shoot in sport environments.
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To follow up to mulecki and antigender.....
From this morning, I can see both sides of views BUT I disageee (or at least clarify )with antigenders statements when he said we “criticize the models” . If he is referring to the rowers themselves then NO! I don’t see nor have I seen anyone criticizing the rowers themselves ! Don’t even suggest such a thing! I’m sure all of us support and agree and understand that this is volunteer time and that we appreciate them , as posing naked is not something that just any guy can / will do! So please Lucas , Amir etc none of this is critical to you guys personally and I hate that antigender seems to have suggested that. Again .. maybe it’s a language interpretation issue.
We do however seem to have varying opinions about the direction Warwick rowers is heading ( understanding of course that the university itself stopped the on site photos of the guys and the affiliation with the school). We DO seem to be all over the board , when it comes to style of photography, foreign locations, whether to add professional sportsmen, pricing structure of their products - but Angus and “boys” ( well..... grown men from what I see lol) have clearly seen our varying opinions and responses - and they have made their decision on which direction this is all headed. Yes ,they will lose some of us along the way but hopefully they will pick up new customers as well .
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Attention PVogt

Just to clarify, the reference to criticizing the models/rowers/students was not just restricted to the replies and issues raised in this thread, but even more so to a thread I came across when first I peaked around this forum, concentrated on the models` appearance, including the issue of body hair. So when you claim no one has criticized the rowers personally, I feel I have to somewhat disagree since it is a fact both the pro and contra body hair arguments were quite direct in those replies - everything from suggesting body hair to be uncleanly, and no body hair to suggest a desire to appear pre-pubescent. It is not my intention to upset anyone, but when models risks being judged not just for their bodies and their personality, but to feel judged even to such an extent as in those replies, I no longer wonder why there were more students/rowers taking part in the years before the 2019 shoot, than took part in the 2019 one. 

I apologize if I phrased myself in a way which seems harsh or insensitive, that was not my attention. What I wanted was to inform that when the replies express either clear preferences, or the opposite, for certain types of body types or models, that could be perceived by the models themselves to brand them as types, rather than as individual men. And as a result feel so direct and intrusive in a very unpleasant way, it could deter them from taking part in the project again. 

Coming from a reality where actors in years and decades before the current digital age had few, if any, reservations in regard to nude scenes on the small and big screen - to today`s reality, where no nudity clauses more and more becomes the norm. Not because actors are not comfortable being nude, or feel insecure about their bodies - but because they don`t want to risk the unwelcome additional attention that these days comes with such scenes and frames. As a consequence of sites specializing in celeb nudity, and to avoid comments online they themselves feel to be degrading.

Online forums or comment sections are not like friends sitting around a table, or sharing the same car. We cannot express the same views, or crack the same jokes, as we do in private. We have to factor in that when addressing people in general - but especially when they are naked - we can accidentally come to cross lines the people being addressed are not comfortable having crossed. Maybe there are some people not bothered at all about people discussing say their abundance, or lack, of pubic hair? But I know there are plenty of people who would find such a topic being addressed about them personally to be intrusive and unpleasant.

It is the same with body types or characterizations of type of models. When Tristan openly jokes about being a twink on camera, that is one thing, cause he is the one who attach a label to himself - it is not being done against his will, and perhaps describing him in a way he doesn`t feel comfortable with. He is in control. But when, as has been the case on this very thread, some models are referred to as too perfect, that IS a direct reference to real people. Since they don`t necessarily share such a perception of their own appearance, and the ones not included automatically could consider themselves less perfect as a consequence, both groups of individuals are being stigmatized and stereotyped, rather than being judged for the complete person they actually are.

That is the fact I wanted to bring attention to when replying here on this thread. I am not suggesting anyone to intentionally have wanted to make it unpleasant for the models/rowers/students. But since the descriptions used could be interpreted to label them as stereotypes, rather than see them as the men they are, there is a chance the stereotyped descriptions could be perceived negatively by the models themselves. 

Should that be the case, this very forum could be part of the explanation to why there are fewer newcomers in 2019, and fewer of the 2018 team who have volunteered also this year?

What I am trying to say is that I think we should be more grateful for what they give of their personalities, energy and bodies as it is, and be very careful about adding personal preferences for types of models or body types, since that can be perceived to suggest the current ones are not good enough. I don`t think anyone is suggesting that. But knowing how little it takes to create insecurity and doubts within even the most solid of actors and singers of both genders, chances are any little perceived to be negative comment could make amateur models like these doubt themselves, and lose their confidence. And we don`t want that, do we? Especially not if it means they will not take part in the project the following year.
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Coming from a reality where actors in years and decades before the current digital age had few, if any, reservations in regard to nude scenes on the small and big screen

Pardon me? Just what reality are you living in?
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Pardon me? Just what reality are you living in?

A mostly troll-free one, thank you for asking. But I have to say your obsession with me is almost flattering.
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For Aussie-nudist, and possibly even others who may not know, a no nudity clause is a mentioning included in a contract for a movie- or television role, where the actor express reservations for scenes involving nudity, and the production company accept such reservations. Either by not having any such scenes for that role figur, or having the actor in question agree to allow a stand in for those scenes. 
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