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I’m a longtime supporter of the project and I wonder why the film and digital subscription cannot be made available as a monthly charge ?

it would bring them in the reach of so many more people. It also gives people the option of opting in or out as their finances change through the year. They don’t need to be cheaper just change the payment method.

Nearly all websites offer a monthly payment service that can easily be managed by a processor like CCbill.

Please consider this as an option for the monthly packages. Regrettably I won’t be able to buy the film or digital magazine subscription as I just don’t have that money as a lump sum.

many thanks 

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Monthly payments would probably increase the admin costs even more than they already are, I suppose? But I agree with you the price is high for many regions of the world where wages and salaries are not quite as solid as in Europe and the US, even for some regions of, and groups of people, in those countries £99.99 is a lot to pay in one go for many people.

My suggestion, which I have presented in the former Forum, would be to opt for quantity sales rather than top price per sold description. Unfortunately, because of the crowdfunding is my guess - where products not yet made are sold at discount prices - WR have been reluctant to embrace my proposed strategy of selling more digital subscriptions and films the world over, by lowering the prices so that more people could have afforded them - and that way both spread the positive message to a further audience than what currently is the case, and likely also earning more since digital material can be copied over and over again - while the production costs will be the same. So if you say recovered your costs by selling 1000 subscriptions at £99.99, lowering the price to £9.99 sold £10 000 or more (and the price and product/s widely announced on WR pages and uploads on social media, from Youtube, Facebook and the rest), the costs would still be retrieved, and the profit might even exceed the profit margins with the current crowdfunding model.

After so many years you should think there was enough money in WR for them to not having to fund the shootings from year to year? But that they could finance the shootings with money earned the previous year, allowing them to reach new and wider markets at a significantly lower price. Something which likely also would have boosted the sales of previous years films and subscriptions, since the low price would have made even those available for a larger customer base.

It depends off course on how much traffic the internet platform WR digital products are being sold from can handle, something I don`t know. 

But if the idea behind the project is to spread awareness of the idealistic message, a lower price so the products - at least the digital ones - could reach a wider audience, I think would have been a good strategy. And likely a very profitable one too. Especially since the low price would have made it less desirable for the the clips to be pirated. More people, I believe, would pay £9.99 for to download clips legally to their own computer each month, than chance on finding the same clips on pirate sites. If the price is £99.99 many people, I believe, would opt for the pirate alternative. 
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