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Welcome to our brand new WR Forum!

For a while now we have wanted to create a place where we can all talk and share our thoughts and stories.  This place is finally here: our new WR Forum!

We really want to hear your thoughts, your feedback and your product ideas.

Whether as supporters or contributors, we all came to the Warwick Rowers project with our own stories and for our own reasons. 

I came to the project as a gay man who had grown up surrounded by hostility towards my sexuality. 

And just like me, you will have your own story. 

One of the defining characteristics of this project has been that the (mostly straight) rowers felt no sense of hostility or fear about undressing for other men; they embraced the attention and the support of the gay community with genuine pride and gratitude.  

It is this commitment to a more open, equal world which has enabled us to grow into a project that confronts attitudes towards male nudity, in a way that is relevant to everyone. We now hear from many different people who have come to the project - and come to love it - from a whole range of perspectives.  

You helped get us where we are today, and we value your thoughts. So please join the conversation - and help us to take the Warwick Rowers message to the world.

Thank you!


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