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Many members were displeased about the December clip 2019 was not available until the 20th/21st - instead of closer to the middle of the month as is usual with the monthly film clip. But now it is here, and it is great! Both from a filming/editing point of view, as well as in regard to diversification in both models, poses, body parts featured, as well as behind the scenes actual impressions and anecdotal revelations. This clip has everything from great buns and ditto smiles and laughs, to full frontal shots and frames, covered shots and frames and the activities displayed ranges from carrying boat, and playing a nude ping-pong game, to posed pillow "fight" and pool side posing. With anecdotal truths about some of the models included in voice-over, from why Alex is more comfortable about being nude than what he expected, to what championship, sport and place Amir`s mother achieved in her youth. As we move from Australia to Andalucia, Spain and to England and back to Spain again. Each location shift is brief, but effective, a few seconds of establishing shot in addition to the explanatory text. the models range from Felix and Herne, to Lucas, Amir and Alex, plus some Robbie Mason, again with Lucas, too.

Each and every model has certain qualities, both in regard to body and beauty as well as personality and presence, which makes them stand out from each other as unique individuals, more than as types. Something which is a good thing in my book. All in all this combo of clips are so well both filmed, lit, selected and edited together, we as viewers really feel we are being shown in behind the scenes - and inside the minds of as well photographer Angus as many of the models. Only thing wrong with this clip is that it ends a little too abrupt, compared to the smooth editing and flow of the rest of it. OH! And viewers with arachnophobia should watch with caution, cause spiders takes almost as much the center stage as the models - and the dogs.

Other than that, this is really well both made, selected and put together. And since both angle, models and body parts in focus vary greatly, here should be something for everyone to enjoy, and feel excited about. 

If this is a taster for what we can expect in 2020, I can hardly wait for the Holiday preview film, as well as the January film clip.:-)
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Angus WR
Thank you so much for your detailed and constructive response to our December film!!!!
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