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Rugby8 Philadelphia
I'm a 62 year old guy who's been with the same man for 37+ years. I came out in the 1970s, and seeing how far things have come is so awesome.  It was a Fun time for a young guy.....lots of Hot Times to be had..... but it involved a lot of sneaking around, hiding.  Often times, gay bars didn't have names on the outside, you need ed to know where you were going.  Gay bars didn't have windows, no one wanted to be seen inside.

Played rugby (union) for 20+ years, and coached for another 7.  My husband was a Big time (talented) rugby player for many years on Regional Select sides that were sent abroad, until enough scrums caused enough neck problems for him to retire.
In the 1980s we were just 2 guys who showed up to practice and games in the same car.  No one thought twice about the fact that we were "roommates" - - young, unmarried, rugby playing guys saved money by having roommates. 🙂
As time went on, close friends were told, or figured things out, and I hate to say it, but, in the early 90s the culture was very different.  We lost a few friends. We heard the whispered smart-assed comments.  But my husband was such an important player (and then coach) to the team no one ever dared talk about it out loud...we were never called names to  h is face. I, in the other hand was just an average player, so, I took a little bit of grief. 
It's so great to see guys like the Warwick Rowers breaking down barriers.  It's great to know that every generation is doing more to make the world better.
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Loving Athletes and Athletics can be a dilemma for some. It is great you were able to do both. Life and Lifestyles should merge. Folks on the outside misjudge us. Be grateful for having a love relationshop ..

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