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so anyone else noticed the very quick dick slip in the march film with robbie manson? it still annoys me he didnt go frontal - it seems to be counter interms of the whole nudity is ok message...
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yes i have see to, but is not my tipe, i prefere the Others rowers.
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The way the slip happened it was hard to know if it was him or someone standing nearby.
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Keep in mind Melblad and others, that this program is not ‘about’ nudity. It was about raising money for their rowing team and now about Sports Allies/awareness of homophobia , so nudity was the drawing card to get people’s attention
and support. My guess is that if Lucas or Amir were already ‘celebrities’ like Robbie , that they wouldn’t strip down for someone else’s charity either.
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What I saw was on the dock at the big boathouse.
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