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Have you considered a 10th year special calendar, book and/or video with rowers from past years all back together? Maybe some of the 2012 rowers wouldn't mind showing full frontal nudity this time, and I'm sure it would be a huge success!
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We decided to celebrate our tenth anniversary by inviting the world's current fastest rower, Robbie Manson, to be in our calendar - and we are thrilled that he not only agreed to strip off, but is this year's centrefold poster!

Many of our alumni are now immersed in the world of work, often with quite senior roles in major companies.  Apart from the problems of finding time, some of them are probably a little nervous about going naked at this stage in their professional lives.  But attitudes to nudity are changing, not least because of Warwick Rowers, so who knows?

The calendar will probably always be implied nudity only, as this makes it easy for people to put it on the wall in social spaces, and we think that is an important part of getting our message out there!
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How about two calendars, one with frontal for those who believe that the body is a thing of beauty, front and back.  Also, let's take men out of the prudish closet.
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Well, we sort of do that with our book and subscription they we produce alongside the calendar, but I do take your point!! Thank you for the suggestion!
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Thank you for your feedback, we love hearing your thoughts 🙂
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