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I have just finished experiencing all of the material in the June Portfolio and wanted to offer some of my thoughts about it.
Firstly, and very simply, it is excellent. I really enjoyed the May Portfolio and this followed on very nicely from it. Lucas is an amazing guy. His advocacy of the project is very powerful but also how relaxed he looks and makes you feel. The naked cocktails are excellent. It was very interesting to learn more about the history of his involvement and its effect on him as a person. I enjoy hearing about some of the things that have happened behind the scenes in the evolution of the project.
I very much enjoyed the arrival of Joao and learning about his story and his sport. The interaction between a gay man and two straight guys speaks volumes about how we could all be relating to each other and living in a much more balanced and healthy society, than generally exists today and has existed in the past.
I am not on any social media personally, but it sounds as though WR now has a voice and a presence which is reaching out beyond the original Warwick Rower fan base and having an impact.
The discussion between Joao, Lucas and Amir raised many important topics. They each had a lot to contribute. 
It all left me feeling that I wanted to get involved as at last there is hope that changes in attitudes and awareness can be achieved and that WR can make a significant contribution to this change.
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Angus WR
Thank you, Lefkippus.  We're working hard to continue the WR project's development as a relevant, meaningful voice on the world stage. 

I'm grateful to hear that people can see what we're trying to do, and feel able to come with us, particularly at this time of crisis.  It's both a challenging moment and an enormous opportunity for change, and we can make a difference if we work together.

Thank you.
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