Welcome to the Worldwide Roar Forum. Please note that customer support enquiries, for example regarding individual orders, should be submitted here

Dear Supporters,

I thought it would be useful to post a quick reminder RE Customer Support. You can log a ticket using the contact form on the website or the direct link below:

You will then be emailed a ticket number for your reference. 

The above is the only official support mechanism and will get you the fastest response.

 If anybody has an outstanding support issue please feel free to send me your ticket number and I will personally investigate. 

Thanks for the support and understanding. 
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Awe really, I've been waiting over a week for a response ...in fact I've raised several and had no response to any of them. 
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seani wrote:
Awe really, I've been waiting over a week for a response ...in fact I've raised several and had no response to any of them. 

I don't know if you're the same guy in a different thread that also was complaining but let's give the guys a little slack around Christmas time? It's probably mad hectic for them and at the end of the day they're supporting an awesome cause! I always get a response within three days. If they haven't got back to you yet then ping them another email and I'm certain they'll get to you!

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same here. 

I would like to refer to last weeks request with reference 22606. The automated message said that "a support representative..will send you a personal response. (usually within 24 hours)"
Well, you didn't. Neither to request 22714.

And I am still waiting for the calendars (6 weeks after I ordered them). I do not understand why it took you two full weeks to complete the shipment. But I do not understand, even less, why it takes more than 4 weeks to send 3 simple calendars from the UK to Switzerland. 

Seriously, I am not only disappointed, I am angry and irate. This is beyond acceptable customer care. 

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Angus WR
Hi, Everyone.

I want to apologise personally for the poor service that I know some of our supporters have received.  
We have been badly let down by customer care providers who failed both us as a project and you, our supporters.  Most seriously of all, they deleted customer queries in an attempt hide the problem from us.  They have now been replaced by a senior team of professionals who are getting the situation under control.  We are also implementing closer monitoring of internal processes and external suppliers to ensure that every aspect of our content and our service will in future live up to our expectations and, more importantly, to yours.
We work hard on both sides of the camera to enable sportsmen to send a message of love and respect to the world in a heartfelt way. We care about that mission and we care about our supporters, because you are the people who make our work possible.  
I want to take this opportunity on behalf of all of us at WR to thank you for the incredible love and faith that you shown to us and to Sport Allies over many years.  While the new customer support and business management team are working on putting things right, I’m happy to say that those of us on the creative team are in the process of creating incredible new content. It’s just one of the ways that we are working to show how much we value your continued support.
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I'm so glad to read this. For as long as customers have been writing in with their concerns and complaints , I honestly felt like you and your team were not handling things well or ignoring the complaints. When there's that much complaining and questioning, there has to be some sort of validation to it, and not just a whiney group of fellas so I too was wondering... what the heck is going on that Angus and team aren't
seeing this as a problem. I appreciate your honest response as well as the explanation! Hopefully this new team will manage things better and more efficiently. Best, Pete
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Do we need to log new tickets due to the issue with the customer care providers ?
Mine, the ticket 22625 created almost two weeks ago, has not been treated yet.
Thanks in advance for tour support.

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I've finally had a response to a ticket that I lodged months ago, so I think it's just a matter of letting the new team sort out the backlog. Re-lodging tickets is only going to slow things down.
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