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Can anyone tell me what films and digital material is the best if you are a fan of Alfie?
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What is best is off course a subjective opinion, but you will find material with the Adonis body Alfie at least in the following films or monthly clips, listed randomly: The WR 18 UK film, The WR 18 Spain film, The WR 17 UK film, those are the films he is in - subscription films left out.

In the WR 18 subscription he is in the first clip, the April clip, called WR 17 Extended Sequence WR17 1, also in the May clip, called: WR17 Extended Sequence WR17 2. In the June clip, called WR17 Extended Sequence WR17 3 he also takes part, but is more in the background. After that he turns up in WR17 Extended Sequence WR17 5, then in WR17 Extended Sequence WR17 7, yet again in the following month`s clip of the same title, only with an 8 in the end, WR17 Extended Sequence WR 17 8 was also the last clip Alfie was in of the WR18 subscription clips.

Of the WR19 subscription clips Alfie is in the WR19 Holiday Preview film, the WR19 January Film Instalment, the WR19 April Film Instalment have Alfie posing with Nacho in an English garden, a session which is picked up again in the WR19 June Instalment, where most of the first half of the clip prominently features Alfie and Nacho, both indoors, and outdoors in the garden. The WR19 September Film Instalment opens with Alfie and Nacho posing on a drawer inside. The latter part of the WR19 October Film Instalment is a garden and indoors solo photo-shoot with Alfie. The WR19 November Film Instalment also has Alfie prominently featured, this time in the first half of the clip, both as part of a group, and together with Nacho. That was also Alfie`s last inclusion in a WR19 clip.

For WR20 he is prominently featured on the top of a building in the WR20 March Film Instalment. In the WR20 February Film Insalment Alfie both can be seen at a group photo-shoot in a forrest outside London, and caught a few glimpses of in a mega group shoot in London. In the WR20 January Film Instalment Alfie is part of a group shoot on a Spanish beach, and might even be among the many in a London mega group shoot (but I couldn`t see him there, flicking through it - but I can have missed him). Alfie is also in the WR20 Feb ROAR Extended Sequence 1 as part of a group shoot. And also appears in a few frames towards the latter half of the WR20 Intro Purple Film. 

That should be near a complete list of his film and clip appearances - unless I have missed some (but frankly, I doubt it). Happy viewing!:-)
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Great summary - though I would have thought Alfie was around longer than two years of the Warwick shoots. He was very much in the background in his first year as I remember. He seems like a really nice guy and he's beautiful to gaze at.
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