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As one of your many fans from 'down under' I'm very curious about how your Australian visit last (southern) summer went. I saw the post on the site asking for expressions of interest from Australian rowing clubs and wonder whether you received any.
I see that you have some guest stars this year, one of whom is a rower from New Zealand, but I wonder if we'll be seeing any Aussie boys. I do hope we didn't let you down.
If the guys stripped off while you were here I hope that SPF 50+ sunscreen was very liberally applied. The summer sun is brutal here and so many visitors from cooler countries end up with sunburn. I would not like to think of the consequences of doing a nude photo shoot in the Aussie summer without the proper protection.
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Hi, Jarod.  We didn't manage to shoot any Australian rowers during our trip, but we did get great support from Sydney University Boat Club and we had a very positive meeting with Rowing Australia about future participation.  We are in talks with several Aussie clubs about taking part in future calendars, so I'm sure we'll get there....  And yes, our make up artist used a lot of sunscreen!!!
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hi angus good to hear you made contact - just a shame you didnt get any actual aussie rowers on board for 2019 - i think with the new forum you may get more support that you can show to various boat clubs in sydney, melbourne or adelaide! as an aussie member you sure have my support!
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